Join my Book Club!

Join my Book Club!

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Do you consider yourself a book-lover? Are you always “currently reading,” finishing one book and immediately starting another? Do you enjoy books so much that you prefer the physical book, but gave in to a Kindle Paperwhite because the screen actually resembles a paper page? (Guilty!) Does reading in bed keep you up too late or make you pass out easier? Are you the person that adds “read more” to their goals each new year, yet you struggle to finish one book in 12 months?

Whatever your commitment or struggle to read is, I’ve created a book club for adults on GoodReads to make reading more enjoyable for us all!

Jasmine’s Book Club

I’m sure you watch popular movies and trending TV shows to keep up with conversations on social media or to talk about the plots with your friends (or absolute strangers on Twitter). That’s the exact behavior I wish to create for reading. In this book club, we will choose books from genres we prefer most making it easier to grab and maintain your attention. There will always be an end date for when to finish the book (a generous 30 day period). This should not intimidate you, rather, the date should help each member keep a similar pace while also encouraging consistency. Following the completion of each book will be an online discussion. My ambition is to turn these online discussions into meet-up events at coffee shops or cool event spaces featuring food & drinks!


It couldn’t be easier…

  1. Create an account on GoodReads.
  2. Search for my Group (“Jasmine’s Book Club”) or click HERE to go there directly.
  3. Read and follow the “Group Rules.” IMPORTANT: Provide a valid/active contact e-mail for the events mailing list. Won’t want to miss out on those!
  4. Purchase or borrow the book listed under “currently reading” and get started!
Matilda (movie) inspired me to read a lot as a child…
and the free Pizza Hut pizzas from the Book-It Program!

I hope I will help you achieve your new year’s resolution to read more. I want to rip you away from the TVs, tablets and cell phones by exposing you to the calming, enlightening, entertaining world of reading. Let’s build our network of passionate and empowering readers one book at a time!




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