Red-White Sangria for Every Season – Serve it Warm or Chilled!

Red-White Sangria for Every Season – Serve it Warm or Chilled!

Red & White Wine Sangria

I came up with this sangria recipe because I was using the empty wine bottles to make drinking glasses (tutorial video coming soon) and I didn’t want to waste all that wine down the drain. I’ve made sangria a few different times using all sort of recipes I found online. It’s typically made using either a red wine adding berries and brandy or a white wine adding apples, peaches, oranges and a clear liquor.

For this specific recipe, I took a risk and mixed red and white wines. Afraid of how it would taste, I added various fruits that I had in my kitchen which I knew went well with the different wines. The Moscato and Riesling are both sweet white wines while Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry, dark fruit flavored red wine. Lastly, adding the Sprite to the mix gave it that refreshing fizz.

I was happy to come up with this delicious sangria that I can serve during any season by chilling it in the refrigerator or by warming it up in the microwave for a minute or so. If you are looking to make a sweet and easy sangria for the first time whether it’s for brunch or dinner I definitely suggest trying this recipe. Once you get the hang of it, be creative and try adding your own flare. Let me know how your sangria turns out!

Tutorial Video


1 bottle Moscato
1 bottle Riesling
1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon (or Merlot)
1/2 L of Sprite (or 7UP)
1 Apple, diced
1 Orange, sliced
2 Plums, diced
1 Peach, diced
1 Pear, diced

*You will need a pitcher large enough to hold all your ingredients (about 2 Gal).


1. Cut up all your fruits and put them in the pitcher.
2. Open and pour all of your liquid contents into the pitcher, stir.
3. Refrigerate overnight.
4. Drink your sangria straight from the fridge or warm it in the microwave for a minute and enjoy!!



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