This Friday, June 5th, is the start to my fifth season in the WNBA and I’m happy to enter this season with a fresh start as one of the newest members of the Connecticut Sun!

This preseason was different from any I’d experienced in the past. In the first two out of the three total weeks of training camp, we had three closed scrimmages and played three preseason games. It was fun playing against other teams right away instead of beating up on each other but it also forced us to have a sharp focus as we had to learn offenses, defenses, and concepts more quickly. This last week we’ve been able to use practices to really lock-in and prepare for our first opponent, the Washington Mystics, this Friday at the Mohegan Sun Arena at 7pm. We’ve also been able to use these days to build team chemistry both on and off the court with a couple WNBAcares events.
The first event was in Bristol at ESPN where we helped conduct Fitness Day 2015. We had such a good time running stations for the bright, hardworking kids that attended. They great attitudes and asked thoughtful questions during the closing Q&A. Our second event was yesterday at the soup kitchen in New London where we served a fantastic meal donated by Mohegan Sun. It’s always a humbling experience helping the less fortunate. I felt so proud being part of this organization when I looked to my left and right and saw how genuinely each of my teammates, coaches, staff members etc. embraced the moment by not just going through the motions but actually interacting with people.

I’m honored to have been voted a co-captain of this squad and can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this season with such a great group of women. I can already tell we will have a lot of fun but that we are all focused on winning no matter what adverse situations we may face. I hope you all will be following us throughout the Summer, go Sun!



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