Beignets & Bourbon St in Nawlins

Nawlins Experience

Bourbon Street

I jump head-first at any opportunity to travel! We were told with a few days notice that we would have three consecutive days off. As a WNBA player in the heart of the season — that’s extremely rare. I got right on Airbnb and Southwest and booked a two-day-two-night mini trip to New Orleans, Louisiana! When I was eleven years old, I went to New Orleans for AAU Nationals. Definitely not a place for kids, I enjoyed a taste of the city as an adult.

I stayed on the historic (and under construction) Bourbon St. with a forecast of scattered showers and still had a good time. I’m now obsessed with beignets like everyone that’s tried them probably is. I was already a huge fan of “shrimp & grits” so it was cool to finally have the delicious Cajun meal in the home of Cajun food. I tried my best to keep up with the lifestyle by putting in an 8-hr party shift on Bourbon St. While I enjoyed the drinks, music and good vibes the result was my inability to eat crawfish for the first time the next day. There was so much more I wanted to see and explore so I’ll definitely be going back when I have more time. Next time, I’d like to visit during one of the popular festivals (Essence Festival is on my bucket list) and with a group!




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