Romeing The Streets of Italy!

Vlog Mini Series: Romeing the Streets


I’m going to be spending the next week in Rome, Italy and I decided why not start a mini series about my trip! I’ll be staying in a nice AirBnB in Trastevere with my brother and his wife before they continue to the beautiful Italian coast the following week. I’ll be sharing this series, “Romeing the Streets,” via my YouTube Channel (trying to get more into that…) but I will have an accommodating post on here with more details.


For starters, this first post is just a short intro and a little view of what/how I packed. Over the next few days I will show you the restaurants we visit, the sights we see and just capture the whole experience! I’ve used this blog post to show you some of my outfits and the list of things we hope to see and do. I packed for every occasion possible and for potential bad weather. I checked earlier in the week and it said it would be clear but now it is calling for a rainy week. Praying for clear and sunny skies, of course — fingers crossed…



When in Rome


I’ve been to Italy before but only for the typical fly in, play a game, fly out. This time I will actually get to be a tourist and from our research, Trastevere is the best area to get an authentic experience of the Eternal City! There’s so much we want to see, eat and do that it has been difficult for us to come up with a concrete itinerary. Instead, we came up with a list that we will conquer throughout the week when it makes sense. Some of the things on our list are:



Villa Borghese



Palatine Hill

Trevi Fountain

Various Churches

Wine Tasting at the Pantheon


Friends and people on social media have sent some recommendations also:


Casa Mia

Bairs Ristorante Argentino

Gioa Mia Tratorria


San Crispino


Gianicolo Hill




Some of my friends that are playing in Italy this season will come meet me for drinks and to show me what the nightlife is like. It’s so cool that because of the opportunities basketball has exposed me to I’ve made quality connections to so many people. I could literally travel and stay with or meet up with someone all over the world! What a blessing….


As you can see, I’m definitely ready to have a good time as this is probably my last break/vacation until the end of the WNBA season in the fall. (Yikes!) If you have any desire to travel to Italy you won’t want to miss this series as I hope it will give you the motivation you need to save your money, pack your bags and hit the road!


Be on the lookout for the next video coming in the next few days.


‘Til next time…..







  1. Mikee
    February 17, 2018 / 9:15 PM

    Intrigue no doubt!

  2. Marcia Boyd
    February 17, 2018 / 12:55 AM

    Jasmine, this is wonderful and I’m excited to follow you during this experience! Until the next entry,

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